Murder, Most Absent

tumblr_nijyo7hPGZ1s7mkouo10_500A friend sent me a link to the Star Trek cruise and I immediately wondered if there are other television themed cruises in the world. First search was for Murder, She Wrote (obviously). From what I found, no cruises, but I did get a result for an episode titled “Ship of Thieves” which I didn’t recall seeing on Netflix. Turns out, there are a handful of episodes missing from the Netflix seasons, with zero notation that they even exist.

There have always been a few missing episodes of Columbo on Netflix, which is pretty obvious by the number of episodes available in each season, but I’ve always assumed the Murder, She Wrote seasons are complete. It’s a little troubling that there is zero indication otherwise. For books, there’s a requirement to announce if it is annotated. You’d certainly want to know if you purchased a book with missing chapters. The same rules should apply to other forms of media.

If you’re a fan, I recommend investing in this. I have the set for Columbo, courtesy a  most awesome brother, and even though it feels very 90s to be using CD-ROMS, I want to know I have the complete seasons, and certainly don’t ever want to go through this again.

In case you’re curious, here are the missing episodes:

Season Episode Title Desc
1 14 Murder to a Jazz Beat While in New Orleans, Jessica must solve the mysterious murder of a famous musician who died from a heart attack while performing onstage.
1 21 Armed Response Over Jessica’s protests, she is taken to a hospital after a minor accident in the airport.
3 22 Murder, She Spoke A temporary black-out at a recording studio leaves Jessica in the dark when the wealthy soon-to-be-owner is stabbed to death. When the murder weapon matches the cutlery set of an old friend, Jessica takes on the case with a plan to put the real culprit on the record.
4 6 It Runs in the Family Jessica’s cousin Emma (Lansbury) in London has a new problem when someone poisons her boyfriend.
5 12 Smooth Operators While in New York, a missing shoe on the discovered dead body of a homeless person leads Jessica to believe the supposed accidental death was not an accident.
9 20 Ship of Thieves While on a cruise, Jessica helps old friend Dennis Stanton (Keith Michell), now a ship’s security chief, investigate when a woman is found dead in the cargo area. Guest Stars: Jon Cypher, Michelle Johnson, Lee Meriwether, Albie Selznick and Jane Withers.


Conversations | César Aira

"/Conversations is a short novella about a man remembering a conversation with a friend centered around a film neither one has seen in entirety and the appearance of a character wearing a gold watch in it.

When I started reading it, I imagined the moment approximately 20 pages in when I would grow bored and set this book aside. It’s hard to imagine how a narrative about remembering a conversation about remembering a film can be so engaging, but it is.

I raced through and then wished I could somehow jump in to keep it going, with newly formed thoughts around verisimilitude, memory, movies and words.

This particularly struck me as I was reading it during the night of a much anticipated blue moon, which it turned out was not blue at all, but merely the second appearance of a full moon in a single month.

Yet somehow, the word blue was used to describe it and in this instance we collectively consent to let the word  blue mean something entirely different than what it has meant before, which was already a bit complicated between feeling blue and the color blue. But that consensus is the only way to create reality, which is what the conversation in this novel struggles to do.

It is fun to witness, though one could argue that the moon itself is always full. 🌕

Available @ Amazon.

Twine & Javascript — Variables Exchange


Sharing variables between Javascript and Twine is a bit like coordinating tea with donkey and piggy — tricky, but not impossible.

The key is to understand how Twine leverages its wikifier foundation layer to pass information.

I could write an exhaustive post explaining the logic at play using obtuse metaphors (see paragraph one), but instead, I created a heavily commented example you can leverage for your own projects that you can download here.

☕️ 🐷